Cloves are the aromatic dried flower buds of the Myrtaceae tree family. Native Indonesian cloves, widely used as a spice for spicy dishes in European countries, and as the main ingredient for Indonesian clove cigarettes. Clove tree growth requires a humid tropical or subtropical climate with a rainfall of 2,332 mm/year. Clove trees can be planted in areas far from the sea and have an altitude of 0-1500 m above sea level. Clove trees can grow optimally at temperatures around 20-30 degrees Celsius. These cloves come from plantations in Java, Sulawesi and parts of Sumatra.

  • Grade : AB6
  • Moisture Content : 11-13%
  • Foreign material : 1%
  • Quality : Export
  • Condition : Dried
  • Packaging : Gunny Sack or by request
  • Potential Supply : 200 -500MT 1 Months